Our projections are based on an assumed 7% annual return on all non-cash investments over a 30-year period. We assume a 0% return on cash. Comparisons to a Betterment portfolio are based on the Betterment Best fee tier of 0.15% and fund-level fees of 0.11%. Your actual performance, which depends on your allocation, your own Betterment fee tier, Betterment ETF expenses, and investment horizon, will likely be different.

Our analysis incorporates the advisory fees, if any, that you provided for each externally synced account. You can update these fees on the External Accounts tab in Settings.  Our analysis uses fund fee information provided by Xignite and assumes that your advisory fees and fund fees will remain the same.  This analysis is limited to the impact of your fees and idle cash and does not incorporate other aspects of your investment choices, including your asset allocation or tax efficiency.

Analysis of external accounts is provided outside the scope of Betterment LLC's role as a fiduciary to your 401(k) plan.